St. Mary's Hospital聖瑪莉醫院

You find what appears to be the discarded skin of a human being. Lose 1 Sanity, then draw a monster at random from the cup and place it in the Outskirts.

When the nurse returns your clothes after a routine exam, something's not right. Make a Luck (-1) check. If you fail, one of your items has gone missing (your choice). If you pass, gain $2.
例行檢查後護士送還你的衣服,但事情不太對。做Luck (-1)檢定。如果失敗,遺失任一你所選的道具。如果通過,獲得$2。

You notice that a collection of patients in for some sort of skin condition share a loathsome commonality of appearance. Lose 1 Sanity, but gain 1 Clue token.

An orderly quickly closes the door to the morgue, but not before you catch a glimpse of what's inside. Make a Speed (-1) check and gain 1 Clue token per success.
一名護理員快速關閉了通往停屍間的門,但你仍一瞥看見了內部。做Speed (-1)檢定,每成功1個便獲得1個線索。


A Sheldon Gang member tries to rob you. Make a Fight (-1) check. If you fail, lose 1 item of your choice. If you pass, you rob him instead. Gain $3.
一名Sheldon Gang成員試圖搶劫你。做Fight (-1)檢定。如果失敗,失去任一道具。如果通過,你反過來搶劫他。獲得$3。

You stealthily watch an old man place something in a hollow tree. Waiting for him to leave, you may reach in to retrieve the item. Make a Luck (+0) check if so. If you pass, draw 1 Common Item. If you fail, something in the tree savages your hand. Lose 1 Stamina.
你暗地裡看到一名老人放了某樣東西到一顆空心的樹裡。等到老人離開,你可以走上前取出那樣道具,並做Luck (+0)檢定。如果通過,抽1個普通道具。如果失敗,樹中的某樣東西猛咬了你的手。失去1點體力。

A gate and a monster appear!

You come across a cringing dog. Pass a Sneak (-1) check to catch him and calm him. If you have Food , you can discard that to automatically pass the check instead of rolling. You see by his collar that he is named Duke. Take his Ally card. If it isn't available, gain $3 as a reward for returning him to his owner, instead.
你遇到一隻畏縮的狗。通過Sneak (-1)檢定來抓到那隻狗並讓牠安靜下來。如果你持有Food,你可以選擇棄掉來自動通過此檢定。你看了牠的項圈知道牠叫Duke。拿取他的同盟卡,如果無法拿取,改為因送還給牠的主人而獲得$3。

Ye Olde Magick Shoppe葉歐迪魔法商店

A group of concerned citizens have come to harangue the proprietor and customers of the Magick Shoppe. You can calm them down with a Will (-2) check. If you succeed, empty the Outskirts, returning all monsters in it to the cup. If you fail, the terror level is increased by 1.
一群焦慮的百姓跑來大聲譴責魔法商店的業主與顧客。你可以做Will (-2)檢定來視圖安撫他們的情緒。如果成功,清空郊區所有怪物回怪物杯。如果失敗,恐懼等級上升1。

Miriam Beecher offers to cast a particularly potent and dangerous spell for you...for a price. If you are willing, spend $5, then draw a monster at random from the monster cup. If it has a moon dimensional symbol, discard it and draw again. Otherwise, return that monster and all monsters that share its dimensional symbol to the cup.
Miriam Beecher願意為你施展一個特別強力與危險的法術…但不是免費。如果你願意,花$5然後由怪物杯隨機抽1隻怪物。如果是月亮圖案,棄掉重抽,如果不是,將所有擁有相同圖案的怪物移回怪物杯。

While discussing magic with Miriam Beecher, you mention a spell she doesn't know and is eager to learn! You may discard 1 Spell to draw 2 Unique Items. Choose 1 to keep, discarding the other.
與Miriam Beecher討論魔法時,你提到一個她不知道並很想學的法術!你可以棄掉1個法術來抽2個獨特道具,保留其中一個並棄掉另一個。

Upon discovering a severed - but twitching - hand, you find yourself trapped in an interminable time loop. You are delayed.

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